There are several items in this section.  We know experiences and events encourage you and your loved ones to communicate.  The tremendous support given through various means of communication makes a positive difference that directly helps support each one of us.  

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A brief explanation of each item will be at the beginning of it.  They are:

>    Who Is Stephanie?

                            Who is Stephanie.pdf          

>    Thank You for Your Support

                            Thank You for Your Support.pdf             

>    Photos from the Humdinger!

                            Photos from the Humdinger.pdf             

>    Telegram to Bette Midler


>    Stephanie’s Statements

                            Stephanie Statements.pdf

>    Stephanie’s Education Career

                            Central Kitsap School District.pdf

                            Everett School District.pdf

                            Lake Washington School District.pdf

                            Northshore School District.pdf

                            Seattle School District.pdf


Stephanie Ione Haskins


noun: an extraordinary person or event