Beating Brain Aneurysm


There are several items in this section. There are three main ideas we want all the readers to understand.

>??? First, all of us must understand that if we get a headache that is not like any other headache we have ever had we must go immediately to an emergency qualified hospital who are equipped to deal with a brain aneurysm. Failure to act immediately results in death within 24 hours or less.

>??? Second, keeping family, friends, and supporters informed as to the daily account of the patient provides what people need to know to help the patient survive.

>??? Third, the recovery of the patient depends upon the roles and behavior of family and friends or the patients will never be themselves again.


A brief explanation of each item will be at the beginning of it.? They are:

>??? Paula through CaringBridge Messages Daily for people who love the patient

??????????????????????????? Paula CaringBridge Messages.pdf????????????

>??? Stephanie’s Handwritten Journals for Recovery – (typed translation exactly as it was written.)

??????????????????????????? Handwritten Journal.pdf

>??? Dr. Laligam N. Sekhar, M.D. Biography

??????????????????????????? http://medical.washington.edu/bios/view.aspx?CentralId=134786?????????????

>??? Interview with Dr. Laligam N. Sekhar, M.D. and Stephanie Ione Haskins

??????????????????????????? Interview with Dr Laligam Sekhar.pdf????????????

>??? Stephanie’s Presentation with Dr. Sekhar – Saving Your Life Medical Miracles and Heroes, Part 2 March 10, 2009

??????????????????????????? http://www.uwtv.org/video/player.aspx?dwrid=29325?????????????

>??? Stephanie’s Recovering Journal – Brain Aneurysm – October 07- May 08

??????????????????????????? Stephanie’s Recovering Journal-Brain Aneurysm.pdf